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Tulsa/OKC Poop 911 has been around for 5 years and we’ll still be around in 5 more. We don’t just scoop poop – we provide dog-owners a safe and clean environment for outdoor enjoyment.

We hire reliable, trustworthy, and accountable team members and pay them what they are worth. Our starting hourly wage is well above minimum wage, 20% above the standard industry wage, and 33% above comparable services in much larger and more expensive cities. We found early on that to attract and retain team members who can be trusted to do what they say they are going to do, when they say they are going to do it, and to not need a supervisor looking over their shoulder – we have to pay, and thus charge, a premium for our services. Our team members are professionally trained and treat our customers and their pups with respect, because we treat our team members with respect.

We aren’t the cheapest service in town, nor do we offer “free first month” or “free initial visits” because we value our service and we KNOW that OUR customers value it as well.

At Tulsa/OKC Poop 911 our mission is to provide pets and their families a safe and clean environment for outdoor enjoyment. Our team provides independent employment with potential for personal growth and income. We actively support worthwhile organizations through donations of our time and resources.

We operate on 4 Core Values:

  1. Be accountable to customers and each other
  2. Learn something new every day
  3. Act responsibly toward society and the environment
  4. Follow the Golden Rule

We’re not cheap, we don’t want to be. What we want is to to provide dog-owners a safe and clean environment while providing growth and income for responsible, accountable, and trustworthy people and charitable organizations. That’s who we are. That’s WHY we’re here. We are Tulsa/OKC Poop 911!

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